Project Maintainer Guide

Our goal at the Unitary Fund is to build a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people.
That starts by supporting and growing the great ecosystem of projects already out there that is maintained by amazing folks like you.

It is always important for projects to find skilled and committed contributors that can do things like help develop new functionality, maintain existing tools, and write tests and documentation. This can be challenging in open source in general, but can be especially difficult for open source projects that need specialized skill sets like quantum computing. Unitaryhack shows folks what amazing projects are already out there, helping drive quantum computing forward, and helping you find new contributions for your projects.

We have some outlines below for what you can expect before and during the event, as well as the rules for the event.


  • March: Contact and organize participating projects and funding
  • April: Setup and test infrastructure for tagging/automation
  • May: Review projects and finalize bounty budgets
  • June 3-17th: Hackathon starts and reviewing of PRs begins
    • June 3rd - Hackathon Kickoff Party on Discord
      • Review of the event + rules
      • Answer any initial questions folks have about the event on discord
      • Give a short intro about you project

⌚ Before the Hack ⌚

  1. Add the unitaryhack to the list of topics for your repository and review/update the good first issue tag.

  2. Identify if there are any issues you want to put a bounty on to specifically encourage participants to tackle them. Tag the issues on your projects you would like to put bounties with unitaryhack-bounty. We are looking for ~4 issues for each project (totally can be more or less, just a place to start) of a variety of difficulty levels.

  3. Make sure you have and at the root of your repo (or similar) so folks can learn how they should make their contributions to make your life easy.

  4. Make a PR to this repo adding your project to the projects directory list with a new markdown file for each project containing:

    1. Metadata about your project in the form of a yml header, including the issues you want to bounty and the bounty value (summing to 300 USD tentatively, see sample projects)
    2. A short description of your project, and anything you specifically want to communicate to folks browsing for projects.
    3. Any additional resources you want to link to for folks to learn more about the project or places where it is used.

    You can see an example of a project listing by checking out the one for our project Mitiq](

How to choose good issues for participants

To make sure that everyone can participate in the hackathon, we encourage project maintainers to tag a variety of issues that may or may not include quantum content, may or may not require Dev Ops skills, etc. We understand projects can be very targeted so if this is not possible that's totally fine! Our goal is to help connect eager and skilled contributors to your projects to help make the quantum open source ecosystem better 💖

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions for this event we would love to hear from you, just send us an email at!

🔨 During the Hack 🔨

As the hackathon progresses (and sometimes right away if there are eager folks who read up on the project), you should get some useful PRs!
Hackers should put [unitaryhack] in the title of their PRs, if they haven't please update it so they can get credit.
If a PR does not meet a minimum bar for quality, or if another PR has been accepted, please communicate on the PR conversation that it is not accepted, and tag it as rejected or duplicate as appropriate.

For bountied issues, please mark the PR you feel should get the bounty with the tag unitaryhack-accepted and if not already, link the PR to the bountied issue. Our bots should find it then, and we will take care of sending out the bounty!

If you want a way to chat more synchronously with folks working on PRs we will be hosting workspaces on our Discord channels for people to hangout and work on the hackathon together!

Helpful resources