Projects Tagged: "python"

πŸͺ’ Qiskit IonQ

Provider and utilities that allow developers to use Qiskit with IonQ hardware

πŸ”₯ FlamingPy

A cross-platform Python library for efficient simulations of error correction in fault-tolerant quantum computers

🎢 Orquestra Core

Set of libraries for quantum computing developed at Zapata Computing.


PyQIR is a set of APIs for generating, parsing, and evaluating Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR)

πŸš€ Quantify-scheduler

Hybrid gate-level / pulse-level quantum programs

πŸš€ Quantify-core

Quantum experiments data acquisition and execution

🐍 toqito

(Theory of Quantum Information Toolkit) in Python

πŸ“‘ scqubits

A python library for simulating and analyzing superconducing circuits

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ”¬ Qiskit Nature

qiskit-nature is a Qiskit application module for chemistry, physics, and biology.

βš›οΈ Qiskit

qiskit-terra is the foundation on which the rest of Qiskit is built.

🐱 Quantum Universal Education

Non-profit community to disseminate educational resources on quantum science

🧰 NetKet

The Machine-Learning toolbox for Many-Body Quantum Physics: Neural-Network Quantum states and much more

πŸ”€ Covalent

Pythonic tool for running data-science / high-performance / quantum workflows on advanced computing hardware.

🐿️ KQCircuits

KLayout Python library for integrated quantum circuit design.

🎢 QuNetSim

A quantum network simulation framework

πŸ€– Interlin-q

A Quantum Interconnect Simulator for Distributed Quantum Algorithms


Language and hardware agnostic approach to quantum-classical programming in C++

πŸŽ† Pulser

Pulse-level composer for neutral-atom quantum devices

⚑ Qrack

High-performance quantum gate simulator framework

πŸ₯§ PyQrack

Pure language Python bindings for Qrack

πŸ•·οΈ PyZX

Python library for quantum circuit rewriting and optimisation using the ZX-calculus

πŸ’° PennyLane

A cross-platform Python library for differentiable programming of quantum computers.

🐍 QuTiP

Quantum toolbox for quantum in python

🌴 Mitiq

Python package for quantum error mitigation techniques